Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Souls seem to be lost on this earth, but find themselves up above

Spending time at the DeGeorge's has been one of the most difficult times of my life. The unit of four brothers have been broken from their point of view. Souls seem to be lost on this earth, but find themselves up above. We all talked, drank, cried, laughed, and grieved for Buster. What came up quite a bit was the 2 brothers up above having a drink together as they look down at the 2 brothers still on this earth grieving for them. We must remember Scott and Buster are free and Hjalmar and Beau need support and love from friends and family the most. Susan is such an incredible woman, holding this family together when she herself is in disbelief and shock. Mark needs our prayers. He is struggling to deal with what has happened. Going through this process TWICE is something no parent or sibling should have to experience. One more day left for me here at the DeGeorge's until I go back to San Diego for work. I hope those who were and are close to this amazing family will reach out and show support and love. Don't be afraid of those that we lost or their family's that remain still here. We are all the same people, trying to find our way through life until we are set free. Rest in peace Scott and Buster, you are free and living the beautiful path god chose for you both ❤

Today will be better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today. 

~ Dedicated to the DeGeorge family ~

Everyday we grow stronger and TOGETHER we will get through the tough challenges of life. xo

Friends are family. Family is Forever.

ps. i should not be at work right now

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

style for style

lately, i've been procrastinating at work in the mornings
and having the 20 year old detailer for our cars take a picture of me and in my work attire.
it became a little bit of a fun thing to do in the morning before we started the work grind.
its cheesy, but it gets me up in the morning and has me think, 
"hmm what outfit should i put together today?!"

dress: Joie, shoes; Jeffrey Campbell 
sweater: J. Crew, leather pants: Rachel Roy, necklace: Tiffanys, watch: Michael Kors, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 
 leather pants: Rachel Roy, leopard shirt: Joie, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, watch, Michael Kors, peace sign: ME!
leather pants: Rachel Roy, faux fur vest: urban outfitters, tank: vintage (100% raw silk), necklace: Forever 21, watch: Michael Kors, bracelet: Michael Kors 
^ space pants (95% silk, 5% spandex): ClaudiaE, platforms: Ecote, necklace: Forever 21, blazer: Silence+Noise
^ took one before i left the house, just couldnt wait! ^
pants: ClaudiaE, tank: vintage (100% raw silk), blazer: Silence+Noise, platforms: Ecote, iPhone case: Tory Burch

lots of leather pants and jeffrey campbells! obviously im really into that right now
what is your style these days?
id love some input and suggestions!
until next time

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i believe in retail therapy

im not going to lie or sugar coat anything.
i have an addiction...
and it is shoes.
i think it first started when i realized the shoe makes the outfit.
and the more i kept buying, the higher the heel
and the more pricier they got.
but most and foremost
i truly believe in retail therapy
(which my boyfriend obviously does not understand)
thus the reason for the start of this blog!
when the day is just not going your way,
when there is a break up,
or maybe a fight with a friend or family member,
retail therapy honestly gets my mind off of things
and just the action of purchasing
and then wearing your new purchases around the house when you get home...
theres just nothing like it
(yes, i know i have a problem, but dont we all?)

lets take a trip down memory lane, shall we?
but first let me explain -
i have to dress to the nines at my work.
so wearing 5 inch heels is kind of "expected" for the woman :/
luckily, im a survivor and conformed ;) hehe

 ^ maryjanes ( they hurt :/ ) ^
 ^ light pink Kelsi Dagger's (i have them in black too, ^
so comfy and can dress you up or down!) 
 ^ Barbara Bui, my dream shoe at the moment ^
 ^ my "off the clock" shoe! O'Neill flip flops ^
(this is my boyfriends old place beach front before we moved in together, now on the bayside) 
 ^ Nine West wedge sandle, got these at their outlet! ^
 ^ Ecote wedges from Urban Outfitters (have them in a taupe color as well) ^
^ my Steve Maddens, i have way too many Steve's!
they always have great sales!
 ^ the taupe colored wedges by Ecote from Urban Outfitters ^
 ^ Steve's again, re-parking the porsche at work ^
  pumps, idk the brand super old as well as bottom pic!
oldies but goodies i tell ya! 

 ^ mod inspired suede shoe by Ecote from Uran Outfitters again! ^
love this brand 
^ who doesnt love a pair of Tory Burch flats? ^
the best way to look good in a less painful way ha 
^ flowered tie up canvas wedges ^
(i have them in a beige suede as well)
i got these from amazon (thats the go to site for the online shopping habit i have formed :/
^ love love love these new booty flat studded shoes. ^
definitely not work appropriate, 
but i did it anyway! again, Ecote from Urban Outfitters
 ^ aannndd here comes the drumroll! my newest purchase & splurge! ^
My new Jeffrey Campbells (style: lita)
 ^ o.m.g i am in love love with these shoes! ^
5 inches and comfy as a cloud
(such a dork) 
^ wore them 2 days in a row to work! here i am today ^
(ps that is a faux fur vest ;) 

i have to admit, this is only a quater of the shoes in my shoe closet 
(which my wonderful boyfriend built for me) 
but it is a start for now!
until next time

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my obsession (when i have the time) 

two weeks of paradise: the kayak adventures

i live in a beach town called mission beach in san diego.
it's sort of a peninsula, beach on one side of the street and the bay on the other.
i live on the bayside, but the beach is literally a couple steps away.
i recently discovered my love for kayaking a couple weeks ago when my neighbor suggested i borrow his kayak for a spin around the backyard (the bay).
i was reluctant since my arm strength is close to nothing.
 ( my guy friends say i have bird arms :/ )
welp, the adventures were magnificent!
and it is quite a workout, but plenty satisfying!
no regrets here!
these pictures are almost all different times i went kayaking over the past couple of weeks.
we always end up beaching our kayak on an island like beach called paradise point.
it's actually a private resort, but nobody has ever said anything to me, us... (atleast yet).
 ^ my friend brittany ^
 ^ barbara & rusty ^
^ stef & i ^
 ^ riley & rusty ^
 ^ rusty & i ^

^ captain rusty! (he sits like this most of the time when we are kayaking!) ^
^ rusty is verrrry tired from running around on the island we beached our kayak on ^
 ^ after kayaking with stef ^
 ^ does this look like a noxima commercial or what?? haha  (clueless... anybody?) ^

to end this short but sweet and adventurous post, id like to recommend this activity to anyone who lives by a body of water & was ever curious about it.
im not much of a "sporty" person,
but being in the middle of the bay
with nobody but maybe the other person paddling with you
is one of the most tranquil activities i have found to clear my mind (besides yoga).
and to those with no arm strength... YOU CAN DO IT!
remember -> bird arms over here <-

id also like to send my thoughts & prayers to those on the east coast.
i cant imagine how hard it has been!
stay strong!
until next time

ps. my instagram is the best way to see my everyday funs and un-funs

 my obsession (when i have the time) 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween: friend or foe? part II

this is part II of my last post.
i ended up going to the halloween event (to support the bf).
i actually had a really good time aannnddd
dressed semi-sloooty to fit in with the crowd haha!
but definitely did not get wasted by any means.
 ^ (here i am before we left, a stereotypical naughty schoolgirl... i literally put the costume together in 10 minutes) ^
we went to my boyfriends friends house that overlooks
the baseball stadium in downtown san diego.
afrojack was playing a concert & we had front row seats from his balcony!
^ (pretty epic view) ^
of course my friend & i went to the bathroom & took pics of ourselves in our costume attire before we headed to the event 
(definitely a girly thing to do dooiii)
^ (trying to be sexy bahahha not happening) ^
finally, we left for the event!
my boyfriend (ri) picked an early set to dj so that he could hang out with his friends
(and me OF COURSE)! 
for the later and more happening hours of the party.
we had a table with bottle service in the ballroom he djed in.
we danced and hung out with friends at the table.
^ (couch at the table we had) ^
my friend, barbara (who was dress as dio de los muertos),
 got a candid photo while i was social media-ing (haha).
after the bf was done with his set, 
we headed to the rooftop of the hotel
where chris lake was djing the big event.
^ (chris lake - he's a scottish house music dj/ producer) ^
we met a couple earlier who was good friends with the headlining dj,
so we got to hang out on the big stage, dance, drink, etc.
^ ( main stage on rooftop of the hardrock hotel with chris lake) ^
i also ran into my good friend (who is a photographer) in the vip section.
he snapped some shots of us.
^ (veronica, barbara, & me) ^
^ ( my bf & i) ^
(ps. he decide to be a european tennis player..? no idea) 
in the end, the night was a success 
& i didnt mind (too much) dressing like a slooter (aka slut)
the next day was a beautiful day in san diego!
we went kayaking in my backyard! (mission bay).
ill post some pictures of that glorious day on the next post.
until next time

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Friday, October 26, 2012

halloween: friend or foe?

OK, every time around this year i get sick.
im thinking its the warm weather transitioning into the cold. 
but could it be i making myself sick so going out on a cold fall night in nothing but lingerie
^ (are these even costumes?) ^
and a pair of animal ears, 
the reason for my "sickness"?
an actual convo i had with my good friend shauna yesterday consisted of:
me: "but i have nothing to wear!"
shauna: "just put on some cat ears & call it a day"
im 26 going on 27 and most of my friends are still in the phase of participating in this tradition.
i seriously would rather stay home and watch scary movies with my dog 
(and maybe boyfriend -jk jk) haha
the worst part of this "holiday" is the morning after.
you wake up in a fog because you feel that you HAVE to get obliterated to tolerate the silliness that is halloween in your 20's.
^ ( probably going to be me tomorrow night :/ ) ^
fake eyelashes half glued to your eyelids or found in random places.
my friend once found hers stuck to the remote control (no joke)
^ (yikes!) ^
your slutty costume smelling of vodka that some rando (or friend) accidentally spilled on you the night before.
(sometimes) it is unfortunate that my boyfriend is a dj.
 the reason being every "industry" holiday
(ie. halloween, new years eve, new years day, st. patty's day, etc)
 ^ (thats him - aammeerriccaaa) ^
he is working (DJing).
i want to be there to support him.
so i do my best to attend these affairs as much as i can (stand).
^ (flyer for the event) ^
tomorrow night is the the big event.
and i have absolutely no clue in hell what to wear.
im still at work.
and will be working until 5pm tomorrow (before the gig).
so my question to anybody or myself for now...
halloween in your late 20's: friend or foe?
im still deciding.
(ps. if i do make it out tomorrow night, ill will definitely post what i came up with)
until next time

pps. my instagram is the best way to see my everyday funs and un-funs
 my obsession (when i have the time)