Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Souls seem to be lost on this earth, but find themselves up above

Spending time at the DeGeorge's has been one of the most difficult times of my life. The unit of four brothers have been broken from their point of view. Souls seem to be lost on this earth, but find themselves up above. We all talked, drank, cried, laughed, and grieved for Buster. What came up quite a bit was the 2 brothers up above having a drink together as they look down at the 2 brothers still on this earth grieving for them. We must remember Scott and Buster are free and Hjalmar and Beau need support and love from friends and family the most. Susan is such an incredible woman, holding this family together when she herself is in disbelief and shock. Mark needs our prayers. He is struggling to deal with what has happened. Going through this process TWICE is something no parent or sibling should have to experience. One more day left for me here at the DeGeorge's until I go back to San Diego for work. I hope those who were and are close to this amazing family will reach out and show support and love. Don't be afraid of those that we lost or their family's that remain still here. We are all the same people, trying to find our way through life until we are set free. Rest in peace Scott and Buster, you are free and living the beautiful path god chose for you both ❤

Today will be better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today. 

~ Dedicated to the DeGeorge family ~

Everyday we grow stronger and TOGETHER we will get through the tough challenges of life. xo

Friends are family. Family is Forever.

ps. i should not be at work right now

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