Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween: friend or foe? part II

this is part II of my last post.
i ended up going to the halloween event (to support the bf).
i actually had a really good time aannnddd
dressed semi-sloooty to fit in with the crowd haha!
but definitely did not get wasted by any means.
 ^ (here i am before we left, a stereotypical naughty schoolgirl... i literally put the costume together in 10 minutes) ^
we went to my boyfriends friends house that overlooks
the baseball stadium in downtown san diego.
afrojack was playing a concert & we had front row seats from his balcony!
^ (pretty epic view) ^
of course my friend & i went to the bathroom & took pics of ourselves in our costume attire before we headed to the event 
(definitely a girly thing to do dooiii)
^ (trying to be sexy bahahha not happening) ^
finally, we left for the event!
my boyfriend (ri) picked an early set to dj so that he could hang out with his friends
(and me OF COURSE)! 
for the later and more happening hours of the party.
we had a table with bottle service in the ballroom he djed in.
we danced and hung out with friends at the table.
^ (couch at the table we had) ^
my friend, barbara (who was dress as dio de los muertos),
 got a candid photo while i was social media-ing (haha).
after the bf was done with his set, 
we headed to the rooftop of the hotel
where chris lake was djing the big event.
^ (chris lake - he's a scottish house music dj/ producer) ^
we met a couple earlier who was good friends with the headlining dj,
so we got to hang out on the big stage, dance, drink, etc.
^ ( main stage on rooftop of the hardrock hotel with chris lake) ^
i also ran into my good friend (who is a photographer) in the vip section.
he snapped some shots of us.
^ (veronica, barbara, & me) ^
^ ( my bf & i) ^
(ps. he decide to be a european tennis player..? no idea) 
in the end, the night was a success 
& i didnt mind (too much) dressing like a slooter (aka slut)
the next day was a beautiful day in san diego!
we went kayaking in my backyard! (mission bay).
ill post some pictures of that glorious day on the next post.
until next time

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Friday, October 26, 2012

halloween: friend or foe?

OK, every time around this year i get sick.
im thinking its the warm weather transitioning into the cold. 
but could it be i making myself sick so going out on a cold fall night in nothing but lingerie
^ (are these even costumes?) ^
and a pair of animal ears, 
the reason for my "sickness"?
an actual convo i had with my good friend shauna yesterday consisted of:
me: "but i have nothing to wear!"
shauna: "just put on some cat ears & call it a day"
im 26 going on 27 and most of my friends are still in the phase of participating in this tradition.
i seriously would rather stay home and watch scary movies with my dog 
(and maybe boyfriend -jk jk) haha
the worst part of this "holiday" is the morning after.
you wake up in a fog because you feel that you HAVE to get obliterated to tolerate the silliness that is halloween in your 20's.
^ ( probably going to be me tomorrow night :/ ) ^
fake eyelashes half glued to your eyelids or found in random places.
my friend once found hers stuck to the remote control (no joke)
^ (yikes!) ^
your slutty costume smelling of vodka that some rando (or friend) accidentally spilled on you the night before.
(sometimes) it is unfortunate that my boyfriend is a dj.
 the reason being every "industry" holiday
(ie. halloween, new years eve, new years day, st. patty's day, etc)
 ^ (thats him - aammeerriccaaa) ^
he is working (DJing).
i want to be there to support him.
so i do my best to attend these affairs as much as i can (stand).
^ (flyer for the event) ^
tomorrow night is the the big event.
and i have absolutely no clue in hell what to wear.
im still at work.
and will be working until 5pm tomorrow (before the gig).
so my question to anybody or myself for now...
halloween in your late 20's: friend or foe?
im still deciding.
(ps. if i do make it out tomorrow night, ill will definitely post what i came up with)
until next time

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 my obsession (when i have the time) 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

work or play?

daydreaming of nothing? 
not today! 
at work daydreaming of traveling ~ one of my true loves. 
my boyfriend left this morning to fly up north.
^ bye bye ri ^
he got accepted to a start up school at stanford (smarty pants). 
while he travels and networks with (probably) the 1%, 
im sitting here in the glass cage of emotion (thats what i call the showroom).
 my work is a beautiful glass building, with beautiful luxury cars inside, 
and beautiful people roaming the streets outside (downtown la jolla). 
but the empty feeling of not being able to leave when i please,
travel when i want.
i can go on & on.
this is where my mind is taking a walk right now...
^ rome^
 ^night trains on the 4th of july from italy to france^
^the crystal blue water at the beaches in nice, france^
 ^looking up at big ben^
  ^meeting swiss girls on the train from nice to monaco & showing them how to gamble for ^
their first time at the monte carlo casino
 ^brown baggin' wine in monaco while waiting for a bus (classy, i know) ^
  ^hostel view in rome, the streets in rome, the people in rome, the feeling in rome ^
 ^waiting for the next trian in sweden (who wouldnt mind missing a train with a view like this!)^
 ^making traditional flower wreaths in sweden for midsummer with new friends^
 ^waiting for trains (a recurring situation that was annoying at the time, but i dearly miss now)^
^park break in london with my best friend (& boyfriend)^
that was fun, now back to work!
until next time

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 my obsession (when i have the time) 

Friday, October 19, 2012

this is me

i think im starting this blog because i have no one else to vent to but myself, so naturally i would turn to something i am familiar with, social media.
i work at a ferrari & maserati showroom as a "social media/ online marketing specialist" 
(well, that would be my title), but working here is far from who i actually am. 
im a hippie at heart & neurotic at times (lately all of the time). 
i would rather not do my hair or
 make-up & go to the beach then to be at work and be someone that im not.
 i interned at a local radio station for a year before i got my big girl job at ferrari & maserati.
 i adored it, but to be to be honest, there is no money in radio. it is sad. 
i go to coachella every year and my "thing" to do" (besides being a beach bum) is go to a good show
 at a small, hole-in-the wall venue.
 taking pictures with my old ass '88 minolta film camera. 
the problem with film these days is that it cost more to develop the film 
(or to even find a place that still develops film)
 then to buy the actual ancient camera!
what has the world come to?
i also  traveling.
i traveled all over europe last summer.
london, england
barcelona, spain
stockholm, sweden
st.gallen, switzerland
rome, italy
nice, france
monte carlo, monaco
dublin, ireland,
berlin, germany
 ...and fell in love 
^ midsummer party in sweden ^
i now live with my boyfriend on the beach in the cutest beach cottage.
with our black puggle, rusty.
or rustman, rustman puggleman, puggle master, poopy.... (it goes on & on).
^ my fam ^
since then i have the traveling itch, but my job holds me down from doing anything anymore! 
(well, that is my complaint lately).
working 5-6 days a week will really disable a person.
am i being irrationally? 
i guess if you have a career, boyfriend, dog, and adorable house you might have it all~
but there is something inside that says, "i want more!"
I honestly cant tell if im crazy or is the grass always greener on the other side??
my boyfriend is sick of hearing my "chick probs", so here i am.
answers & comments are welcome, i can take any kind of criticism-
i think i need it!
until next time.

ps. my instagram is the best way to see my everyday funs and un-funs
 my obsession (when i have the time)