Friday, October 26, 2012

halloween: friend or foe?

OK, every time around this year i get sick.
im thinking its the warm weather transitioning into the cold. 
but could it be i making myself sick so going out on a cold fall night in nothing but lingerie
^ (are these even costumes?) ^
and a pair of animal ears, 
the reason for my "sickness"?
an actual convo i had with my good friend shauna yesterday consisted of:
me: "but i have nothing to wear!"
shauna: "just put on some cat ears & call it a day"
im 26 going on 27 and most of my friends are still in the phase of participating in this tradition.
i seriously would rather stay home and watch scary movies with my dog 
(and maybe boyfriend -jk jk) haha
the worst part of this "holiday" is the morning after.
you wake up in a fog because you feel that you HAVE to get obliterated to tolerate the silliness that is halloween in your 20's.
^ ( probably going to be me tomorrow night :/ ) ^
fake eyelashes half glued to your eyelids or found in random places.
my friend once found hers stuck to the remote control (no joke)
^ (yikes!) ^
your slutty costume smelling of vodka that some rando (or friend) accidentally spilled on you the night before.
(sometimes) it is unfortunate that my boyfriend is a dj.
 the reason being every "industry" holiday
(ie. halloween, new years eve, new years day, st. patty's day, etc)
 ^ (thats him - aammeerriccaaa) ^
he is working (DJing).
i want to be there to support him.
so i do my best to attend these affairs as much as i can (stand).
^ (flyer for the event) ^
tomorrow night is the the big event.
and i have absolutely no clue in hell what to wear.
im still at work.
and will be working until 5pm tomorrow (before the gig).
so my question to anybody or myself for now...
halloween in your late 20's: friend or foe?
im still deciding.
(ps. if i do make it out tomorrow night, ill will definitely post what i came up with)
until next time

pps. my instagram is the best way to see my everyday funs and un-funs
 my obsession (when i have the time) 


  1. Hey Gabby thanks for dropping by my blog!! Ha your blog is awesome. And this is a great post.


  2. haha so true. At 32 I'm finally over that must be slutty costume hump but i spend many years enjoying that time. Now i just enjoy watching the blog posts on the girls still brave enough to do it. Newest follower!


  3. I'm absolutely no use in these situations. I completely missed out of the going out and getting sloshed phase. Halloween also isn't that big a deal in Fiji so it just doesn't register for me. I hope you found something to wear and ended up having a good night :) xoxox


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