Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i believe in retail therapy

im not going to lie or sugar coat anything.
i have an addiction...
and it is shoes.
i think it first started when i realized the shoe makes the outfit.
and the more i kept buying, the higher the heel
and the more pricier they got.
but most and foremost
i truly believe in retail therapy
(which my boyfriend obviously does not understand)
thus the reason for the start of this blog!
when the day is just not going your way,
when there is a break up,
or maybe a fight with a friend or family member,
retail therapy honestly gets my mind off of things
and just the action of purchasing
and then wearing your new purchases around the house when you get home...
theres just nothing like it
(yes, i know i have a problem, but dont we all?)

lets take a trip down memory lane, shall we?
but first let me explain -
i have to dress to the nines at my work.
so wearing 5 inch heels is kind of "expected" for the woman :/
luckily, im a survivor and conformed ;) hehe

 ^ maryjanes ( they hurt :/ ) ^
 ^ light pink Kelsi Dagger's (i have them in black too, ^
so comfy and can dress you up or down!) 
 ^ Barbara Bui, my dream shoe at the moment ^
 ^ my "off the clock" shoe! O'Neill flip flops ^
(this is my boyfriends old place beach front before we moved in together, now on the bayside) 
 ^ Nine West wedge sandle, got these at their outlet! ^
 ^ Ecote wedges from Urban Outfitters (have them in a taupe color as well) ^
^ my Steve Maddens, i have way too many Steve's!
they always have great sales!
 ^ the taupe colored wedges by Ecote from Urban Outfitters ^
 ^ Steve's again, re-parking the porsche at work ^
  pumps, idk the brand super old as well as bottom pic!
oldies but goodies i tell ya! 

 ^ mod inspired suede shoe by Ecote from Uran Outfitters again! ^
love this brand 
^ who doesnt love a pair of Tory Burch flats? ^
the best way to look good in a less painful way ha 
^ flowered tie up canvas wedges ^
(i have them in a beige suede as well)
i got these from amazon (thats the go to site for the online shopping habit i have formed :/
^ love love love these new booty flat studded shoes. ^
definitely not work appropriate, 
but i did it anyway! again, Ecote from Urban Outfitters
 ^ aannndd here comes the drumroll! my newest purchase & splurge! ^
My new Jeffrey Campbells (style: lita)
 ^ o.m.g i am in love love with these shoes! ^
5 inches and comfy as a cloud
(such a dork) 
^ wore them 2 days in a row to work! here i am today ^
(ps that is a faux fur vest ;) 

i have to admit, this is only a quater of the shoes in my shoe closet 
(which my wonderful boyfriend built for me) 
but it is a start for now!
until next time

ps. my instagram is the best way to see my everyday funs and un-funs
my obsession (when i have the time) 


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