Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween: friend or foe? part II

this is part II of my last post.
i ended up going to the halloween event (to support the bf).
i actually had a really good time aannnddd
dressed semi-sloooty to fit in with the crowd haha!
but definitely did not get wasted by any means.
 ^ (here i am before we left, a stereotypical naughty schoolgirl... i literally put the costume together in 10 minutes) ^
we went to my boyfriends friends house that overlooks
the baseball stadium in downtown san diego.
afrojack was playing a concert & we had front row seats from his balcony!
^ (pretty epic view) ^
of course my friend & i went to the bathroom & took pics of ourselves in our costume attire before we headed to the event 
(definitely a girly thing to do dooiii)
^ (trying to be sexy bahahha not happening) ^
finally, we left for the event!
my boyfriend (ri) picked an early set to dj so that he could hang out with his friends
(and me OF COURSE)! 
for the later and more happening hours of the party.
we had a table with bottle service in the ballroom he djed in.
we danced and hung out with friends at the table.
^ (couch at the table we had) ^
my friend, barbara (who was dress as dio de los muertos),
 got a candid photo while i was social media-ing (haha).
after the bf was done with his set, 
we headed to the rooftop of the hotel
where chris lake was djing the big event.
^ (chris lake - he's a scottish house music dj/ producer) ^
we met a couple earlier who was good friends with the headlining dj,
so we got to hang out on the big stage, dance, drink, etc.
^ ( main stage on rooftop of the hardrock hotel with chris lake) ^
i also ran into my good friend (who is a photographer) in the vip section.
he snapped some shots of us.
^ (veronica, barbara, & me) ^
^ ( my bf & i) ^
(ps. he decide to be a european tennis player..? no idea) 
in the end, the night was a success 
& i didnt mind (too much) dressing like a slooter (aka slut)
the next day was a beautiful day in san diego!
we went kayaking in my backyard! (mission bay).
ill post some pictures of that glorious day on the next post.
until next time

ps. my instagram is the best way to see my everyday funs and un-funs
or my obsession (when i have the time)



  1. looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

  2. Thanks for your comment! Everyone's thinking it but I'm asking... how many crunches do you do a day to get those abs!??! I mean seriously. I would probably wear a crop top costume too if I had your stomach! Looked like a fun night!

    1. haha! lauren, i do yoga twice a week after work and pilates if i can. the reformer pilates classes are insanely amazing!! if you havent heard of a pilates reformer, look it up!!! i hate doing just crunches so i do yoga to keep my mind clear and pilates to keep me toned. those are the 2 things i do to stay in shape. not to mention i love healthy food, just because i really love it... im not one to go to a fast food joint. maybe ill do a post with my food and exercise regime. its simple and easy :)
      have a good day love!!

  3. i love all of your guys costumes! seems like a fun night xx

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