Wednesday, November 7, 2012

two weeks of paradise: the kayak adventures

i live in a beach town called mission beach in san diego.
it's sort of a peninsula, beach on one side of the street and the bay on the other.
i live on the bayside, but the beach is literally a couple steps away.
i recently discovered my love for kayaking a couple weeks ago when my neighbor suggested i borrow his kayak for a spin around the backyard (the bay).
i was reluctant since my arm strength is close to nothing.
 ( my guy friends say i have bird arms :/ )
welp, the adventures were magnificent!
and it is quite a workout, but plenty satisfying!
no regrets here!
these pictures are almost all different times i went kayaking over the past couple of weeks.
we always end up beaching our kayak on an island like beach called paradise point.
it's actually a private resort, but nobody has ever said anything to me, us... (atleast yet).
 ^ my friend brittany ^
 ^ barbara & rusty ^
^ stef & i ^
 ^ riley & rusty ^
 ^ rusty & i ^

^ captain rusty! (he sits like this most of the time when we are kayaking!) ^
^ rusty is verrrry tired from running around on the island we beached our kayak on ^
 ^ after kayaking with stef ^
 ^ does this look like a noxima commercial or what?? haha  (clueless... anybody?) ^

to end this short but sweet and adventurous post, id like to recommend this activity to anyone who lives by a body of water & was ever curious about it.
im not much of a "sporty" person,
but being in the middle of the bay
with nobody but maybe the other person paddling with you
is one of the most tranquil activities i have found to clear my mind (besides yoga).
and to those with no arm strength... YOU CAN DO IT!
remember -> bird arms over here <-

id also like to send my thoughts & prayers to those on the east coast.
i cant imagine how hard it has been!
stay strong!
until next time

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 my obsession (when i have the time) 

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