Saturday, October 20, 2012

work or play?

daydreaming of nothing? 
not today! 
at work daydreaming of traveling ~ one of my true loves. 
my boyfriend left this morning to fly up north.
^ bye bye ri ^
he got accepted to a start up school at stanford (smarty pants). 
while he travels and networks with (probably) the 1%, 
im sitting here in the glass cage of emotion (thats what i call the showroom).
 my work is a beautiful glass building, with beautiful luxury cars inside, 
and beautiful people roaming the streets outside (downtown la jolla). 
but the empty feeling of not being able to leave when i please,
travel when i want.
i can go on & on.
this is where my mind is taking a walk right now...
^ rome^
 ^night trains on the 4th of july from italy to france^
^the crystal blue water at the beaches in nice, france^
 ^looking up at big ben^
  ^meeting swiss girls on the train from nice to monaco & showing them how to gamble for ^
their first time at the monte carlo casino
 ^brown baggin' wine in monaco while waiting for a bus (classy, i know) ^
  ^hostel view in rome, the streets in rome, the people in rome, the feeling in rome ^
 ^waiting for the next trian in sweden (who wouldnt mind missing a train with a view like this!)^
 ^making traditional flower wreaths in sweden for midsummer with new friends^
 ^waiting for trains (a recurring situation that was annoying at the time, but i dearly miss now)^
^park break in london with my best friend (& boyfriend)^
that was fun, now back to work!
until next time

ps. my instagram is the best way to see my everyday funs and un-funs
 my obsession (when i have the time) 


  1. loved seeing your pics of Europe, makes me happy that I actually live here :-)

    following your blog as we speak! Always welcome to say hi back.

    love from Belgium

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