Friday, October 19, 2012

this is me

i think im starting this blog because i have no one else to vent to but myself, so naturally i would turn to something i am familiar with, social media.
i work at a ferrari & maserati showroom as a "social media/ online marketing specialist" 
(well, that would be my title), but working here is far from who i actually am. 
im a hippie at heart & neurotic at times (lately all of the time). 
i would rather not do my hair or
 make-up & go to the beach then to be at work and be someone that im not.
 i interned at a local radio station for a year before i got my big girl job at ferrari & maserati.
 i adored it, but to be to be honest, there is no money in radio. it is sad. 
i go to coachella every year and my "thing" to do" (besides being a beach bum) is go to a good show
 at a small, hole-in-the wall venue.
 taking pictures with my old ass '88 minolta film camera. 
the problem with film these days is that it cost more to develop the film 
(or to even find a place that still develops film)
 then to buy the actual ancient camera!
what has the world come to?
i also  traveling.
i traveled all over europe last summer.
london, england
barcelona, spain
stockholm, sweden
st.gallen, switzerland
rome, italy
nice, france
monte carlo, monaco
dublin, ireland,
berlin, germany
 ...and fell in love 
^ midsummer party in sweden ^
i now live with my boyfriend on the beach in the cutest beach cottage.
with our black puggle, rusty.
or rustman, rustman puggleman, puggle master, poopy.... (it goes on & on).
^ my fam ^
since then i have the traveling itch, but my job holds me down from doing anything anymore! 
(well, that is my complaint lately).
working 5-6 days a week will really disable a person.
am i being irrationally? 
i guess if you have a career, boyfriend, dog, and adorable house you might have it all~
but there is something inside that says, "i want more!"
I honestly cant tell if im crazy or is the grass always greener on the other side??
my boyfriend is sick of hearing my "chick probs", so here i am.
answers & comments are welcome, i can take any kind of criticism-
i think i need it!
until next time.

ps. my instagram is the best way to see my everyday funs and un-funs
 my obsession (when i have the time) 


  1. Love this. Can't wait to read all your future posts!



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